About pH9 Water - re use, recycle, reduce - stay healthy

Who is it for?

Be part of the healthiest story in water for years delivered directly to your home or office. Now available from Farro Fresh across Auckland

    • pH9 promotes good healthy living
      • pH9 promotes subscription for easy access to 10 litre delivery in a fully sustainable box and reuse able, collapsible 5 litre water bag via shopping cart
      • Our Glass Bottle complement. Is branded in a silicone sleeve to match the design color 
      • Our sustainability program includes 1 x Recyclable cardboard box Re use able, collapsible 5 litre water bag 
      • Clients can order Exclusive branding by application
      • The “We Love” message evokes a passion for life. With the words “Love Hope, Love Living, Love People”. A simple reminder to stop and breath in the air. Live longer. Drink more water

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    The background on this great water 

      • Location: Auckland New Zealand
      • Water Age: 2000+ years
      • Source Depth: 450 metres
      • Water Profile: Natural High Alkaline Mineral Water
      • Benefit: Ultra Hydration
      • Minerals: Natural balance
      • Annual Consent: Limited to 50 million litres
      • Consent to: Recyclable cardboard box, Re use able collapsible 5 litre water bag , Bottle for AquamanNZ Ltd



      • pH Level  8.8-9.0
      • Total dissolved solids  260
      • Silica (Si02) 15 - 15.6
      • Calcium  2.9-3.4
      • Magnesium  0.68-0.78
      • Iron  0.002-0.004
      • Zinc  0.06-0.14
      • Potassium  0.48-0.49
    As this is a natural product, small seasonal variances may occur



      • Fat  0g
      • Carbohydrate  0g
      • Protein 0g
      • 100% natural mineral spring water , Absolutely no additives.